When life gives us in abundance, its important not just to appreciate it but also to share and let someone know we care. With this objective in mind, ISKCON Punjabi Bagh’s Communications Team – VANI team thought of including our elders to celebrate Father’s day by visiting an old age home, Sai Ashray in Nihal Vihar. The objective was to create awareness about importance of hari naam by doing kirtan and japa, distribute prasadam and distribute Bhagavad Gita to them. Many old age home residents shared their gratitude for conducting this program and requested the temple to conduct more such programs there.

Iskcon Punjabi Bagh organized a jagran programme on the night of Nirjala Ekadash on 13th June. The devotees turned up in big numbers and very enthusiastically participated in the program. The program included very interesting and engaging events like Quiz, Dumb Charades, Extempore, Discourse by HG Rukmini Krishna prabhu etc. The key highlight of the program was a talk by renowned international motivational speaker Dr.

Vivek Bindra (HG Venu Madhav pr) on how to practically put spirituality in action. The program was concluded with prasadam for all devotees. Also, there was special mango darshans for devotees on nirjala ekadashi day, with lordships being decorated with over 250 KG of mango which were distributed next day to devotees after the ekadashi jagran.

“Ganga ka Kinaara aur Bhakton ka sang” :

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“Ganga ka Kinaara aur Bhakton ka sang” : Reinforcing spiritual principles in Haridwar (5th – 10th June 2019)
The congregation of Iskcon Punjabi Bagh organized a trip to Haridwar from 5th June to 10th June. The yatra was attended by over 250 devotees and was led by Iskcon Punjabi Bagh Co-President HG Rukmini Krishna prabhu. The key highlights of the program were visit to holy places including Haridwar, Dev Prayag, Shukhtaal, Kankhal, nectarean discourses, dramas by congregation devotees and bathing in the Ganges. The trip was very spiritually enriching for the participants in the association of senior devotees.

Waste to WOW Seminar (9 June 2019):

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ISKCON Girls Forum, Punjabi Bagh organized a seminar “Waste to Wow” to create awareness about being conscious of environment and resources, basis Srila Prabhupada’s instruction of “Utility is the Principal” as everything is Krishna’s property and needs to be used used in his service.

The program included a short talk, followed by some practical activities in recycling waste. Also included in the program was an interesting short film. Overall, the participants really appreciated it as a step towards integrating environment consciousness in Krishna consciousness.

ISKCON Girls Forum, Punjabi Bagh organized a Spiritual retreat ISKCON Noida. The main objective was to keep members physically and spiritually fit.

Reliving your childhood
The program started with yoga in park in the early morning hours followed by Kho Kho game. To bring out the best in everyone, a talent hunt was organised in which devotees made turbans, sang songs and poems, drawing the pictures, mimicry and much more.

Performance to Reiterate Learnings
A live drama was performed on Nectar of Instruction(NOI) Text 1 and 2 bringing out important points to apply practically. The main attraction of Yatra was making garlands for deities at ISKCON Noida by all IGF devotees. Lastly, but always an ever awaited moment, the girls relished prasadam in Govinda’s restaurant. The retreat was concluded with pledges and discussions on practical applications of NOI in daily lives.

Bhagavad Gita Contest for School Kids

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What are some of the most challenging problems faced by young minds of our country? Low attention span, stress and depression, suicides, unhealthy competition and pressure of expectations, developing unhealthy habits and addictions, etc. How can the students be empowered and supported in navigating their crucial years of life which are not always easy to sail through?

The answer lies in giving them a foundation of strong values which sustain when emanates from spiritual source. Srila Prabhupada wanted to spread spiritual education for peace and unity of the society.

Value Education Olympiad is being organized accross several schools of west and north Delhi which has seen participation of 3500 students so far. The registered students receive a kit that includes Bhagavat Gita, question book, etc based upon which they need to appear for the Olympiad. There are attractive prizes for all students that participates and for the top 3 including laptop, bicycle Kindle etc. apart from gift vouchers for all.

This contest is being supported by renowned academicians, principals and teachers of education field.
To know more about the contest and organize in your school, contact: HG Srikarta prabhu at +91 8447653145

Turban Making Workshop

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A unique and innovative workshop on turban making was was organised in ISKCON Punjabi Bagh from 29th April to 5th May 2019. With almost 10 participants the workshop was led by HG Amrit Gaur prabhu.











The 7 day workshop included various integral elements & principles of art. The workshop included different and attractive styles of turban making. It included many demonstrations and also practice sessions. The final day included the assessment of all participants. Overall it showed a very good response from all.

Seminar on Treatment by pangavya and cow pathy

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The seminar organised on 4-5 May 2019 saw almost 25 participants and the main speaker was HG Bhakti Bhushan prabhu from Udupi.

The seminar focused especially on the importance of health and Ayurveda. Its major highlight was the importance of cow & cow products in Vedic perspective. In addition to this, nadi chikitsa was also done. Prabhuji threw a lot of emphasis in knowing prakarti in terms of kaff, vaat and pitt.

Audience were actually amazed to know that simple herbs and cow products like cow urine, ghee, gobar, etc. are cure for all minor and major ailments. It indeed enlightened the participants with some very useful knowledge.

‘Gita for All’ Seminar

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This seminar was conducted on 1st & 2nd May 2019.

HG Ilkshvaku prabhu from Mayapur conducted this 2 day seminar. The seminar was attended by more than 30 participants, mostly bhakti vriksha leaders.

Ilkshvaku prabhu reflected how to understand and present Bhagavad Gita in a very innovative and easy to understand way such that even a newcomer can easily appreciate it. The sessions were quite interactive and at the end of second day, there was a group activity on practical application of the course. The participants really appreciated the course and acknowledged that if practiced could really be helpful in preaching efforts.