Monthly Festival started at 3 places

21 Feb 2019, Posted by VANI Group in Festivals

Monthly Festival started at 3 places.‘Hare Krishna Utsav’ is the new initiative taken by few congregational devotees of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh, a monthly festival at 3 different places viz Shastri Nagar, Mangolpuri and Burari. The first month of the festival was a huge success and saw active participation from devotees, who were joined by many intrigued newcomers.

The programme comprised of ecstatic kirtan, divine Hari katha, followed by feast prasadam for everyone. The festival aims to give opportunity to everyone to come in contact with the Holy Name and participate in Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s sankirtan movement. Seeing the encouraging response, the team wishes to start it at more places soon.

IGF New Year Party

21 Feb 2019, Posted by VANI Group in ISKCON GIRLS FORUM

IGF New Year Party. ISKCON Girls Forum (IGF) of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh organized a New Years party at Srila Prabhupada Bhawan in the first week of February. The event was organised to welcome the new year with some more Krsna Conscious resolutions clubbed with determination.

It was a fun-filled evening, with ecstatic kirtan and dancing, sumptuous prasadam and many interesting spiritual games. The highlight of the evening was ‘Cooking without gas’ competition, which witnessed keen participation from girls and was a great success. Many games enthralled the devotees with fun like balance the pencil,golgappa race, musical chair etc. With loads of fun the extravaganza was no short of spiritual growth.

The new year party was a power pact event of joy n spirituality. Overall, it was an evening well spent with celebrations in the Krishna Conscious way.

Bhagavad Gita Marathon 2019 Prize Distribution. ISKCON Punjabi Bagh organized Bhagvad Gita marathon award distribution ceremony on the 15th of February to thank all devotees who took part in marathon.

The occasion was graced by HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj, HG Sukhwaha mataji, HH Bhakti Ratnakar Ambarisha Maharaj and many other senior devotees. The program started with ecstatic kirtan, followed by special discourse by HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj whose inspiration and blessings helped ISKCON Punjabi Bagh to come 2nd in the world distributing more than 2,50,000 Bhagavad Gitas during this month.

The lecture was followed by awards being given to all participants and special prizes to the groups and individuals distributing maximum books. The program ended with Prasadam feast for everyone.


29 Jan 2019, Posted by VANI Group in Vani

VISIT TO SSMI BY TEAM VANI on 19th January. On 19 Jan, Team VANI, from ISKCON Punjabi Bagh, visited SSMI School (East Punjabi Bagh). The program included introduction to Hare Krishna mahamantra, melodious kirtan, and distribution of hot and sumptuous Prasad, which was thoroughly relished by kids.

All the students and teachers alike, participated in kirtan by singing and dancing and had an exuberant experience. Team VANI had a memorable experience in sharing Joy of Devotion with the little stars.


29 Jan 2019, Posted by VANI Group in ISKCON GIRLS FORUM

ISKCON GIRLS FORUM organised a TEENAGERS PROGRAM on 6th January 2019. The seminar on “kick out stress” was for girls of age group 12-17 years and was conducted by Shruti Jain who holds a degree of Bsc in computer science with MCA. Apart from being a good listener, Sruti also is a great mentor as she has an experience of 10 years with students of all ages.

Various interactive tasks & activities kept the audience engaged and left them with some significant take aways to contemplate on. Ending of the session was with hot @ yummy Prasadam.The students look forward to have more of such exciting sessions that would help them grow in the right direction.


29 Jan 2019, Posted by VANI Group in IYF

ISKCON DISCIPLES COURSE was organised for 30 IYF devotees from 1st to 6th January. Devotees participated very enthusiastically which was vividly seen as many question & answers were there during the course.

The devotees were able to understand the system of taking initiation , guru padashraya, prabhupada ashraya & many more topics. Overall it was an adventurous & educational trip for all.


29 Jan 2019, Posted by VANI Group in Festivals

NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS. On 31 Dec, ISKCON Punjabi Bagh hosted a cultural event and food festival for devotees and visiting guests on the occasion of New year. Cultural event started with a performance (dance, drama) by Hare Krishna Sunday school, followed by a discourse from HH Bhakti Madhurya Govind Swami Maharaj.

The program finally culminated by a mesmerizing kirtan of HG Akinchina Krishna Prabhu ji. In parallel, there were more than 30 stalls set up for the food festival by the congregation devotees, which served more than 60 varieties of delicacies.

The event was a huge success and everyone had a wonderful Krishna conscious experience.

Reading club on 21st December 2018

27 Dec 2018, Posted by VANI Group in Uncategorized

VANI group of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh organised a reading session during the ongoing Gita marathon. It was an effort to connect with people and inculcate Gita Wisdom especially the youth. Hence it was organised at Kumzum cafe, Haus Khas village.

Many authors, book lovers and travellers lent their ears to the talk led by HG Vishnu Vahaan Das. It was very well taken by the audience and VANI members were able to distribute around 100 Bhagavad Gita to inquisitive people post session.

Gita Jayanti Yagya on 19th December 2018

27 Dec 2018, Posted by VANI Group in Uncategorized

Mokshada Ekadashi was celebrated at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh with a Yagya and with the recitation of 700 slokas of Bhagavad Gita. It saw packed temple hall with devotees eager not only to offer their oblations in fire but also to recite each sloka of Bhagavad Gita carefully.

A super powerful lecture by HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj charged up the audience for serious book distribution. The program ended with delicious ekadashi Prasadam.