24 Jun 2019, Posted by VANI Group in Seminar

Iskcon Punjabi Bagh conducted a seminar by HG Hari Kirtan prabhu, Director, Rural development, ISKCON daivi Varnashrama Ministry. The seminar delineated what is wealth, 5 kinds of wealth(Dhan) – Gold (Swarna dhan), Land(Bhu dhan), Cow (Go dhan), Knowledge (Vidya dhan), Service (Sewa dhan), and the…

Waste to WOW Seminar (9 June 2019):

24 Jun 2019, Posted by VANI Group in Seminar

ISKCON Girls Forum, Punjabi Bagh organized a seminar “Waste to Wow” to create awareness about being conscious of environment and resources, basis Srila Prabhupada’s instruction of “Utility is the Principal” as everything is Krishna’s property and needs to be used used in his service. The…

Seminar on Treatment by pangavya and cow pathy

21 May 2019, Posted by VANI Group in Seminar

The seminar organised on 4-5 May 2019 saw almost 25 participants and the main speaker was HG Bhakti Bhushan prabhu from Udupi. The seminar focused especially on the importance of health and Ayurveda. Its major highlight was the importance of cow & cow products in…