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At ISKCON Punjabi Bagh, we believe that every person needs different attention and guidance to solve the problems of life and transform it into a happy one. Family is a sacred unit that involves a lot of dedication, cooperation and love, to exist and evolve. In the web of this mundane world, people often need family management in order to recreate the lost harmony and happiness withing the family. ISKCON pays a lot of attention to the families and has various programs for them. It helps them through their thick and thin, making them develop a love for God and see goodness in each and every living being. ISKCON Punjabi Bagh is a source that link individuals within a family and a particular family to many other families, thus creating a community, which has individuals who genuinely care and love each other. How does it happen? Well, the method is to make people know about God and develop a loving relationship towards him. By doing this, ISKCON proves that a family that prays together always stays together.


NAAMHAAT basically means the place where the holy name is glorified. ISKCON Punjabi Bagh facilitates and actively allows many congregational programs to be held on weekly schedule. Different families get together at a particular place to chant the holy names of God, sing his glories, dance, attend and deliver lectures on God pastimes, thus inculcating the habit of linking oneself and the other to one source- The Supreme personality of Godhead. They also have a system of making, distributing and having some mouth-watering Prasad in the same. This not only is for recreational purposes or to better one family, but also to understand what lies beyond the realm of this reality- An abode of eternal happiness without the problems of birth, disease, old age and death.

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