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In the whole universe, the land of Bharat varsha (Modern Day India) has been glorified as the land of piety and religion. even the demigods glorify birth in this tract of Land as seen in Srimad Bhagavatam 5.19.21 “How wonderful it is for these human beings to have been born in the land of Bharata-varsha. They must have executed pious acts of austerity in the past, or the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself must have been pleased with them.” In this pious land, lays its capital Delhi which has been known popularly, in the pages of history, as “Indraprasth” -the city which matched in opulence with the city of Indra – the chief of demigods. In the North-West part of Delhi, lies the residential city of Rohini which is the second largest city in asia.

It was the first sub-city project of delhi Development authority (DDA), which was started in the 1980s to provide a composite society for all income groups. On the spiritual platform, Rohini is the name of Vasudev’s wife and Lord Balaram’s mother. She is also the step mother of Lord Krishna. Rohini and its adjoining areas are also home to a growing congregation of devotees of which lakhs of people visited the temple on Janmashtami. Rohini therefore represents an important township in India with a growing need for spiritual enlightenment. “Thus to cater the needs of the people at all levels of body, mind and soul, ISKCON is building a beautiful temple in the city of Rohini.”


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