Why does one visit a temple? For giving a positive hue to the whole day, seeking the blessings of God, asking for success and also for tourism purposes to witness the beauty of spirituality. ISKCON Punjabi Bagh is one such place that provides a person with an eternal bliss in its totality. A day at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh can leave a person optimistic for a whole week or even a month, for the purity in the air is such that a person is bound to feel blissful.

As one enters through the temple beautiful arch, a person can start hearing the collision of the chymbals, a beautiful voice and most of the times people dancing and singing along in ecstasy.Wecomed by the gleaming faces and bright smiles of the Hare Krishnas, one finds towards the left hand of the temple, Garuda Maharaj the mount of Lord Visnu or Krsna. After paying obesciences to him, one can see the wonderful deities. The deities enchant a person so much that one cannot stop looking at them. The music at the same time is such that the feet starts moving on its own, the body grooving and one cant stop clapping. Soon, a relationship is established with the temple and its air, and a person feels the truth of this being one real home.

The traditions of the temple mesmerize a person and as one explores, a Hare Krishna Bhakta would usually come talking to you. Strolling with him across the temple; one will get to the ins and outs of the place. The Gift Shop in the temple premises is a place one must visit. With myriad books, photographs, notebooks and loads of other stuff, a person usually finds something or the else for himself/herself or closed ones. The Govindas is again a place where one must go while visiting ISKCON Punjabi Bagh as some delicacies are so exquisite that one is left with no choice but to get some more packed after eating and visit again to have a samosa or a ras malai with that one new friend made at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh.

A day at ISKCON starts at 4:30 AM in the morning and if one follows the whole schedule, by the end of the day, he/she would feel the positivity that has entered in the life. The whole process of following this schedule with the Aartis, Lectures, Darshana, Feast and Shopping is so amazing and blissful, that ISKCON Punjabi Bagh ends up being the favorite weekend spots for many. Soon people join the various programs and see all the moments of despair vanishing into nothingness after seeing the deities beautiful eyes. One can call it, The Moment of a Perfect Impact!

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