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We are a youth wing of ISKCON named as IYF (ISKCON Youth Forum) which aim at imparting strong character among the youths and inspire them to live a God centered life of purity and dedication for the service of entire humanity. We work on the motto of Preventing Unguided youth from getting Misguided.
Our programs are designed especially for Modern Youth and we have conducted seminars and workshops in various colleges like IITs, BITs, DTU, NITs, IP University and in many corporate. These Programs aim at assisting and empowering modern youth with different skills essential for their overall growth and becoming responsible citizens of our society. The objectives of these Programs are:

  • Creating a class of people of high character and competence.
  • Saving youth from self destructive habits.
  • Creating communities for counseling.
  • Training in Character and Competence.
  • Using Arts, Culture, Music and Media to propagate the message of Wisdom literatures
  • Creating a class of wise people who respect, trust and love each other.
  • Using talents for propagating love of God and love for all, based on word of God.
  • Cultivate a Culture of Respect esp. towards seniors and elderly members of society.
  • Some of the topics of the Programs are:

  • Personality Development through Self awareness
  • Time Management
  • Anger Management
  • Study Tips
  • Positive Thinker
  • Proactive Leader
  • Stress Management
  • Power Of Habits
  • Art of Mind Control
  • Positive Attitude
  • Food Habits
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Public Speaking
  • We have a lot of volunteers who are trained to counsel and they act as a Philosopher, Friend and Guide to the youth. Please feel free to contact


    1) After coming in contact with ISKCON, my personality has experienced profound changes, though initially I was not able to perceive them, just as we do not perceive our growth of age. It is such an extraordinary process that though we do the routine things yet everyday it gives a new flavor altogether.
    I was supposedly very happy in the world in which I was living before, but after coming in contact with ISKCON, I came to know what actually boundless happiness is and what it consists. Especially during our spiritual camps even a layman can experience that boundless happiness. If I have got any real friends in my life, who actually care for me of which bodily care is only a subset, then those are the devotees in ISKCON. Here, you get a lot of support both professionally and spiritually.
    Often it is seen that a person gives up the values to excel in this world, due to which there is always dissatisfaction within the core of the heart. But a perfect blend of training in character and competence with a privilege of unadulterated and unparalleled spiritual culture can be experienced within the Krishna Consciousness Movement (ISKCON). For those who really want to make some contribution to the world, ISKCON provides a perfect platform.

    BTech Dual Degree, 4th year,
    ECE, IIT Roorkee.

    2) Everything changes, only one thing is constant and that is change itself. Since the glorious day of my coming in contact with Lord Sri Krsna via the devotees of ISKCON, I have been a witness of the magic, change in my habits, from unclean to clean; change in my behavior from arrogance to humility; change in my fortune, from bad to good; change in my consciousness, from matter to spirit. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have understood the importance of spirituality, in my youthful age when I was preparing for my CA. By God grace, I am well positioned in my life now, having cleared my CA and working in a reputed firm but this alone could have never brought me that bliss which I derive from engaging in devotional services. As I see, those of my friends who couldn’t become CA and are not well oriented as well as those who could do it and are earning good; either case no one is peaceful, prone to illicit habits. When the whole world is chasing after the mirage of happiness, I try to concentrate on meeting the principle of Simple living and High Thinking, which I consider to be very much practical keeping association with such a society. I am learning the art of dovetailing everything to Krsna through his devotees, even my work and I am experiencing higher taste each passing day. I am deeply obliged for the efforts which each devotee here puts to take illusioned persons like me a step closer to God. This is incomparable to anything else in this world.

    Thank You Lord for being merciful on me.
    Akshay Gupta





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