Frequently asked Questions and Answers

1) Did you register before 20th June? If no, you will not get any login credentials to give exam as last date of registration was 20th June.
2) Check your registered Email ID (email id which you entered while filling the form) for a mail with Login Details. The mail's subject will be ISCKON - VEO 2020 Assessment. Sender's ID:
3) Check your Spam folder or Updates folder in the mail.
4) If you still don’t find it, ask your student coordinator / teacher
5) If teacher is not able to give, call @ 8447653145 or mail at
6) If Tech Support doesn’t find your name in the registered list, it means that your registration was not successful and then you won’t be able to take the Olympiad.
There is no Special Customized URL. Please go to and then put Login and Password that you got on your mail.
The form filled on 25th or 26th is only a Query resolution form and not a registration form. Registrations were closed on 20th June. If you didn’t register – you will not get the URL
Last date to change the language was 29th June, any request after 29th June can not be entertained.
We would not be able to change the language of the exam now at this time. We apologize for the same.
As soon as you click on the Start button, your time will be counted for one hour from then. If you are being logged out during the test, you can login again and your test will be resumed from there.
Say, for example, you have attempted 20 questions out of 100 questions and 15 minutes of one hour has already elapsed and by mistake you logged out, within that one-hour window you need to login again and you can start from q21
If the test window of one-hour has been elapsed, then the test will be auto-submitted and you would not be able to login again.
Please do not panic.
You can kindly put the URL as again.
Put Login ID and Password that you must have received on your registered e-mail.
Continue with the same steps and can start the test from where you had left.
We apologize for that. Due to some server issues, we had to close the window that day.
Yes, you have to give the exam again.
Last exam was null and void and there is no link between exam conducted on 29th June and 5th July
Results will be calculated on the basis of the exam on 5Th July,2020.
There will be 2 sections in the test – Section A from the VEO Booklet, Section B from BG Chapter 1 and 2. There will be 100 questions in total.
For every correct answer, you will get 1 mark, for every wrong answer there will be negative marking of ½ mark. Be careful!
Make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection. In case you are disconnected, you can login again and resume the test.
Pop ups must be blocked on your browser. You can kindly follow the below steps to Disable the Pop-ups.
a) On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app  .
b) To the right of the address bar, tap More   Settings.
c) Tap Site settings   Pop-ups and redirects.
d) Turn Pop-ups and redirects on or off.
e) You can then follow the below steps:
f) Please go to
g) Put Login ID and Password that you must have received on your registered e-mail.
Results will be declared in due course of time. Certificates will given after a few days. You will get a message and email to login again to download your certificate.