small-vector Govindas is ISKCON Punjabi Bagh own Bakery and Snacks Shop. ISKCON Punjabi Bagh has got some highly trained professional chefs and cooks who bring to the table A platter full of scrumptious prasadam. Visiting the temple and not making it to the Govindas might make one regret, for the
  • Samosas,
  • Ras Malais,
  • Pattys,
  • Burgers,
  • Pizzas
  • Gulab Jamuns,
  • Ladoos of wide variety
  • Pakodas
and the endless list of some rich delicacies are simply brilliant. They are not only mouth watering, but also offered to the beautiful deities. Beautiful Dieties, Beautiful Prasadam and Lets have some more of it becomes one common phrase after having something at the Govindas! This spiritual eatery is well equipped with some very tempting beverages like juices, lassi, shakes ....to name a few. Check out the Menu of the Govindas Bakery and Snack Store, right here and we guarantee you that it will make your visit a memorable one.





Renovated Govinda’s Opening at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh on 17th September (Saturday) to especially cater the needs of Devotees, Guests and Visitors at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh. Govinda’s with its 600 branches is known world over for Sattvic Kitchen Religion and Karma-Free Food. Adding a Higher Taste in our lives is the motto of Govinda’s. Everyone who wishes to try “Ethical Eating” is welcome.
Opening Date 17th Sept 2016
Time 6:30pm Onwards