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ISKCON Govinda’s restaurants worldwide offers people the opportunity to accept Krsna-prasädam– food that is spiritually pure because it has first been offered to Lord Krsna, and a viable alternative to give up the cruelty of meat-eating. The appellation “Govinda’s” is one of the well known aliases of Krsna meaning “He who gives pleasure to the senses”. 

Your visit to ISKCON Punjabi Bagh would be incomplete without a stopover at the  Govinda’s Snackbar. The 28X14 sq.feet humble snack bar offers an assortment of sweets, savouries, ice creams, desserts, beverages, cakes, health drinks, juices, breads and other milk products: All you can Offer & Eat!

Indeed the modest snack bar stores  164 different items!

Refurbished in 2016 fully air-conditioned, the exterior resembles the old Scottish cottages of 19th century. With the weekly footfall ranging from 900 – 1,200 people, it has already started winning the hearts and stomachs of thousands visitors and devotees alike; most of them unaware that they just ate prasädam.

Weekends are special with every Sunday, Govinda’s serve a different national vegetarian food-Mexican, Oriental, Lebanese, Chinese, Mediterranean and so forth.  Economical- suits your pocket and sizzles your palate.

Open 7 days between 7:45am-1:15pm & 4:15pm-9:15pm

For Catering + Bulk Order : Sri Gopinath Priya Das +91-9289268845