6 Habits to cultivate in 2024

//6 Habits to cultivate in 2024

6 Habits to cultivate in 2024

The earth has marked the end of another turn around the sun and the world has woken up to a new year. For most people, the new year begins with different aspirations, dreams and resolutions that would allow them to achieve these goals. However, most of us lose sight of these resolutions when we move forward with the year. Because yes, mundane, daily life takes over before we know it! Yet, it is only fair to give ourselves a chance because new beginnings are still magical. They can mark the start of an entirely new and beautiful chapter in our lives. Thus, as we turn to a crisp new page in the book of our lives in 2024, we must take stock of what is gone and think of the little habits that have the power of transforming our lives.

Here are a few good habits that one can pick up from and start the year on a note of mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing:

It’s WakeupO’Clock

Much has been said about waking up early with everyone from a career coach to a monk saying that one must rise with the sun, rather before the sun does. And yes, as much as we like our blankets in this cold weather, there is truth to the immense benefits of waking up early. Most organisms on earth follow the circadian rhythm, simply meaning that the body’s energy levels follow the earth’s rotation around the sun. Thus, as proven by the 2017 Nobel Prize Winning Research in Physiology , one’s wake up time should coincide with that of sunrise because not only will it improve hormonal health but ensure better sleep quality and brain function. Lord Krishna during his days in Vrindavan set us a great example for this as woke up before sunrise and left home with his sakhas, taking the cows grazing in the splendid meadows of Vrindavan.

Eating Clean

As lifestyles become sedentary it is a must to keep a tab on what goes inside our body because what goes on the inside, reflects on the outside. We can ensure that we must have at least two healthy, home cooked meals a day. Moreover, we can try focusing on greens and ditching tamasic food as not only will it help us become lean but also help move away from inertia, inactivity, dullness and lethargy. For muscle health, one can focus on plant based proteins and remember to make a quick offering to the lord before eating. For once food becomes prasad, the lord’s grace and energy find their way to the person who honors it.


Just like our bodies, our souls need food too. While we get ready to eat in a more sustainable and mindful way, we must also remember that meditation is soul food. Making even ten minutes a day to do Japa meditation, a form of mantra meditation will be a centering force in your day. Chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, which is said to contain the divine energy of Lord Krishna, shall help establish a deep connection with the divine, bringing peace and calmness to your environment.


They say that the things we hear embody our thoughts. This can be seen through the lives of King Pariksit and Arjuna, both of whom gained a sea of ancient vedic wisdom through the simple practice of listening. Picking up the habit of listening to a small prayer or a spiritual speaker before we begin our day can be key to setting the tone for a positive day. So be it a prayer, a lecture or a kirtan clip, early in the morning make sure to click on it!


While it is important to take care of ourselves, it is equally essential to care for those around us. One must make a little time to serve the lord and our fellow beings in whatever way we can. If you’re a good cook, make an extra portion of food over the weekend, offer it and serve it to the needy. If you’re amazing at math, share that skill with children who cannot afford a tutor. If you love arranging flowers, buy some and get cracking at a few handmade garlands for the Lord. The point being that one must use their skills to serve the Lord and to help make the world a better place.


Last but not the least, if there’s just one habit that you would pick from here, let that be reading. Pick out a book that helps you connect with your inner self and if not five, read a page or two, every day. However little, spending this time with books will bring you insights like never before and help you absorb everything you need, to live well.

With even one of these habits in tow, one can bring about monumental personal growth. So pick out as many of these habits that you can work with and stick with them through the year. Even if it is one small habit, built consistently, there’s going to be a whole new person awaiting you at the end of the year!

About the Author : Pavni Gaurangi (Currently building her start up focused on K-12 education, Pavni loves going on dham yatras and plays the mirdangam.)