A Trip to remember

//A Trip to remember

A Trip to remember

A group of congregation devotees of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh organized a four day trip to Jagannath Puri dhaam. More than 70 devotees took part in the trip whose first destination was Remuna, the special place where lord Gopinath stole sweet rice for his devotee Madhavendra Puri and his thus lovingly called by his devotees Kshirachora Gopinath. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu also visited this place with his associates and relished the pastime and the nectarean sweet rice called as amrit keli.

There is also a beautiful ISKCON temple in Remuna where devotees took darshans of lordships and had sumptuous prasadam. Then the devotees visited Jagannath Puri and took darshans of lord jagannath with his brother Baladeva, sister Subhadra and Sudharshan chakra. This is thousands of years old temple where lord resides with his siblings and his wife Lakshami devi.

Every year, the lord comes on his chariot and goes to Gundicha temple in a huge procession, giving everyone a chance to have darshans of his lordships and pull his chariot and thus free themselves of all their sins. The devotees also visited various important places such as Siddha Bakul, Gambhira, Sakshi Gopal temple etc. The devotees had a wonderful time being absorbed in beautiful darshans, special prasadam, exciting dramas, sea bathing and Nectarian harikathas.


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