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ISKCON Punjabi Bagh

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  • The First and second cantos of the Bhagavatam are Sri Krsna’s lotus feet.
  • The Third and Fourth Cantos are his thighs.
  • The Fifth cantos is his navel.
  • The Sixth cantos is his chest.
  • The Seventh and Eight Cantos are his arms.
  • The Ninth Canto is his throat.
  • The Tenth Canto is his beautiful lotus-face.
  • The Eleventh Canto is his forehead.
  • The Twelth Canto is his head.

I bow down to that lord, the ocean of mercy whoes colour is like that of a tamala tree and who appears in this world for the welfare of all. I worship him as the bridge for crossing the unfathomable ocean of material existence. the Bhagavatam has appeared as His very self.” (Padma Purana)