Bhaktivedanta Purports

//Bhaktivedanta Purports

Bhaktivedanta Purports

When the milk is diluted
It loses all its taste
Then milk also wonders amazed
Am I milk or a waste ?

When devotees do not read books
They lose all their momentum
Then Prabhupada also is in anxious looks
Are my books for only distribution ?

Books are the basis ,it is true
Bhaktivedanta Purports aren’t for few
If we neglect this golden clue
Then be prepared for Maya flu

Without reading books ,this beautiful ISKCON
Becomes this or that ‘ism’
Sectarianism , Racism , favouritism
Nationalism Hinduism Guruism

Without reading the preaching class
Turns into entertainment show
With count of popular votes
Who is the best in the speaking flow ?

Content is gone, only packaging
An empty attempt of rat racing
Leaves the devotee wondering
Why this process is not working ?

Rat became lion by mercy of Shastra ,
Guru Hari nama and vaishnava
Shastra gone ,Lion became rat again
The story of punar mushiko bhava again

Movement becomes the glamorous show
Pleasing the whims of vox populi flow
Fund collection in the tireless row
Endless competition at the cost of blow

Blow of maya will surely come
The milk will remain useful for none
Thoughtful will recall at once
The highest realization is to save the one

If books are no longer basis
Utility is principle becomes futility
Post become force instead of purity
Preaching is no longer essence but funds

Let us recall Prabhupada 1972 letters
To boil the milk to make it thicker
And not lose balance in making followers
And always read Bhaktivedanta nectar

Daiva Simha Das
Charted Accountant (CA)


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