Celebrating Janmashtami the new way in the new normal

//Celebrating Janmashtami the new way in the new normal

Celebrating Janmashtami the new way in the new normal

Krishna’s childhood brims with the most joyful of memories. In the direst of situations, he always found a way to make the residents of Vrindavan smile. There was not a single problem to which he did not have a solution. The Lord who has brought hope and happiness to His devotees in their

difficult times could never have left them bored or sad on his birthday. So, to spread the joy and blessings of Sri Krishna Janmashtami among the devotees, ISKCON Punjabi Bagh planned Digital celebration of the beloved festival. The events were as follows:

1. Krishna Book Contest

There is no better world to get lost in, than those of books. 169 people who participated in the LIVE competition from many cities all over India as well as outside

2. Online Drama Contest

Bringing story to life, a lila to represent, an emotion to display, varios Bhakti Vriksha group devotees and Study groups did a play on Krishna Lila of their choice spanning 20 to 25 minutes

3. Vrindavan at Home

Srila Prabhupada said “All my temples are non-different from Vrindavan”. Extending that spirit further, ISKCON Punjabi Bagh congregation decided to make each devotee home Vrindavan. Devotees decorated their home Altars, Altar Room, Adjoining Areas, home and sent their photos on telegram