Change of Baton

//Change of Baton

Change of Baton

On April 13, His Holiness Gopal Krsna Goswami Maharaja announced the change in management responsibilities for the Punjabi Bagh Temple. Maharaja announced that the current president, HG Rukmini Krsna Prabhu will now serve in the capacity of Regional Secretary wherein he will be travelling to various temples in North India to take care of devotees.

His Grace Murali Krishna Das has been appointed the new temple co-president with His Grace Varaha Das. His Grace Murali Krishna Das– the newly appointed temple president has an experience of more than 25 years in Krishna Consciousness. The President will now be assisted by a team of 4 Vice Presidents- His Grace Karuna Candra Das ( Director for donations and donor care), His Grace Visnu Vahan Das (General Manager), His Grace Vaikuntha Vraj Das (Director, ISKCON Youth Forum), and His Grace Sundar Krishna Das (Overall Coordinator-Congregation preaching).

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