Channelizing the youthful energy Feb 2nd, 2022

//Channelizing the youthful energy Feb 2nd, 2022

Channelizing the youthful energy Feb 2nd, 2022

The complexities of 21st century life require innovative ways for students to navigate the world of career and work. The current generation must not only hone their skills and capabilities by gathering knowledge, developing analytical skills and adapting to the dynamics of human interaction, but must also be mentally prepared for the continuous technological advancements.

To help dive into and understand one’s capabilities an online career counselling session was organized by H.G Sevamurti mataji for ISKCON Teenage Forum boys and girls of ISKCON PUNJABI BAGH. The session was filled with activities and some mind boggling questions and answers. The session gave useful insights to parents as well, to help them guide their kids better. This great initiative will no doubt help teenagers to channelize their spontaneity and passion in their career ahead


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