Chefs day out!

//Chefs day out!

Chefs day out!

Have you ever tried the scrumptious full meal prasad in the mornings and evenings at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh? If yes, then we are sure you would have loved its simplicity, flavours and purity. Everyday our kitchen team and chefs start early in the morning till late in the evening making prasad for the temple residents, visitors, donors and members. The team adheres to the topmost standards of hygiene and cleanliness as the food is to be offered to the all-pure Lord Krsna.

While breaking from their everyday chores and service, the team recently went on a divine excursion to the ISKCON East of Kailash temple. They had the beautiful darshans of the newly arrived Laxmi Narsimha deities and spent the day exploring different sections of the temple including the Vedic Expo and the largest Bhagavad Gita.

A team that cooks together, always hooks together!