Cleanliness Drive ( 14th Sept)

//Cleanliness Drive ( 14th Sept)

Cleanliness Drive ( 14th Sept)

Cleanliness is ‘next’ to Godliness OR cleanliness ‘IS’ Godliness? Cleanliness is surely the most important factor for a spiritual or religious place. Keeping the temple and surrounding clean can be challenging when the temple is small in comparison to the number of visitors. This can be daunting especially after big festivals like Janmastami, Srila Prabhupada Vyaspuja. An initiative was taken to bring interested volunteers together and clean the entire area surrounding the temple.

More than 25 volunteers and 5 laborers cleaned the temple’s back street, front road and the Park. The intent of the cleanliness drive was to keep the abode of Sri Radha Radhikaraman pleasing for the deities and all the visitors. The volunteers were treated with special maha prasadam after the service.


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