Distributing mercy to one all

//Distributing mercy to one all

Distributing mercy to one all

A team comprising of 4 members (A driver, overall coordinator and two volunteers) are going to different places in Delhi- NCR, 7 days a week distributing free food to more than 300 persons.

Srila Prabhupada told us the importance and potency of prasadam which can transform anyone’s heart who sincerely honours it. People especially like to distribute food on their birthdays, anniversaries, marriages or any special event. Some people want to distribute food in their offices, factories, NGOs, Schools, orphanage homes, old age homes or just in their neighbourhood.

They just place the order at the temple and the temple team at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh organises everything from cooking to distribution. The team cooks at the temple kitchen, transport the food in their vehicle, arrange eco-friendly distribution cups and spoons and distribute the food at the area along with the wind-up. Although based at Punjabi Bagh, the team travels and distributes in all the areas in Delhi NCR. The Kitchen in Punjabi Bagh is certified by the FOOD SAFETY STANDARD AUTHORITY OF INDIA (FSSI) and BLISSFUL HYGIENIC OFFERING TO GOD(BHOG). Any contribution in this area has a tax rebate under 80G.

To know more or arrange a distribution in your area, contact Shubatmaka Das (+91-0212122597)


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