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Ratha Yatra Starts 12th July 2021

At the height of Indian summer, right at the beginning of the Monsoon, the Lord of Puri goes to his garden palace for the annual summer vacation. Originally the festival has its foundation in the residents of Vrindavan bringing back their Lords, Krishna, Balaram and Lady Subhadra from Kurukshetra.

Today in Puri He, the Lord of the Universe travels in some style from his temple in Puri, to his garden temple, located outside the town centre called Gundicha. Thousands of Hindus flock to see, and to pull the grand chariots from one temple to the other. The English word "Jagannaut" comes from the giantchariots of Lord Jagannath of Puri. The British were so stunned by the size of the chariots, they coined a word for it!

Sri Svarupa Damodara Gosvami Disappearance Day 12th July 2021

Shri Svarupa Damodara is an eternal associate and friend of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
Previously his name was Shri Purushottama Acharya.
He lived in Nabadwipa.
He always stayed with Mahaprabhu.

When Shriman Mahaprabhu took sannyasa, he became half-mad.
He went to Varanasi and took sannyasa from a sannyasi named Chaitanyananda, who ordered him to study Vedanta and teach it to the people in general.
Shri Purushottama Acharya did not accept the dress of a sannyasi, but only gave up the shikha and sacred thread.
His name became Svarupa.

Sri Sivananda Sena Disappearance Day 12th July 2021

His Sripata was located at Kumarahatta at Halisahara (Pata Paryatana).

Sivananda had three sons named Caitanyadasa, Ramadasa, and Paramanandadasa (Kavi Karnapura).
Sivananda was one of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's intimate associates.

As directed by the Lord, he escorted the Gaudiya devotees to Nilacala every year, providing them with food and lodging along the way.