Flocking to Hidden Vrindavan

//Flocking to Hidden Vrindavan

Flocking to Hidden Vrindavan

Jaipur or ‘The Pink City’ is also popularly known as ‘Gupta Vrindavan’ or ‘Hidden Vrindavan’ within the Vaishnava community. This is because several prominent deities of Vrindavan such as Sri Radha Govind Dev, Sri Radha Madan Mohan and Sri Radha Gopinath were moved to Jaipur by the saints of Vrindavan, when Vrindavan was attacked by the Mughals.

A group of 16 devotees from the ISKCON Youth Forum Rewari – a remote centre of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh recently visited the beautiful temples that host these potent deities in Jaipur. The visit entailed mesmerizing darshans of the deities, music meditation or sankirtans and spiritually enlivening discourses.


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