Food for life- The Van of mercy

//Food for life- The Van of mercy

Food for life- The Van of mercy

Van of Mercy | Edited Story for Social Media and Website
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ISKCON Punjabi Bagh’s famous Food For Life van took a pitstop outside AIIMS hospital on Saturday. One of the most busiest crossings in Delhi, the AIIMS façade is always crowded with waiting patients, visitors, attendants and alike. A hot heart warming bowl of the trademark authentic ISKCON Khichdi was received well by over 200 pedestrians.

Everyday our Prasadam distribution team visits different localities in and around Delhi delighting all with scrumptious purified food. On an average, everyday our team reaches out to 500 people who experience the satisfaction that follows consumption of prasad.

If you wish to sponsor such prasadam on your birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion in your locality or any other place of choice, then reach out to our team at +91-9212122597.