Gaur Purnima 18th March 2022

//Gaur Purnima 18th March 2022

Gaur Purnima 18th March 2022

Spirituality is full of blissful festivals. All these festivals are celebrated around Lord’s appearance and his glorious pastimes in this world.

He appears to enchant the mind and hearts of living entities through his loving dealings with devotees and simultaneously, being an ideal teacher and well wisher, the Lord uses every opportunity to instruct living entities.

Gaur Purnima festival is the most important festivals esp for Sri Chaitanya vaisnavas(also known as Gaudiya Vaisnavas). Acc to scriptures and great spiritual masters, Lord Krishna appeared on this day as Lord Chaitanya in Navadvipa (in Calcutta) at yogapeeth some 536 years back.

To commemorate this occasion, great festivities are observed throughout the world in devotee communities. Here at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh, we are celebrating this occasion with great pomp and festivities on 18th March, 2022 Friday

Special features:

1) You have the opportunity to personally perform Aarti and Abhishek of their Lordships with your family.
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2) There will special class by His Holiness Bhakti Brhat Bhagavat Swami Maharaja on this occasion.
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3) Kirtan throughout the day. Right from 4.30am in morning to 9pm in night, there will be divine kirtans of Krishna’s holynames. One can fill one’s heart with the sweet mellows of holynames. There will be expert devotional kiritiyas coming from Vrindavan and Delhi.

4) Darshans: Their Lordships Sri Sri Krishna Balaram, Radha Radhikraman, Sri Jagannath Baladeva Subhadra and Gaur Nitai will be dressed in a special outfit that is being designed by a team of temple and congregation devotees for this occasion. There will be special flower decorations.

5) Abhishek: There will be Maha Abhishek of Sri Sri Gaur Nitai in the evening. Abhishek is the public bathing ceremony which is given to the most royal personalities. And who is more royal than The supreme lord himself. Deities are bathed with pancamrita, pancagavya, fruit juices ,herbs, flowers, water, auspicious articles on this occasion

6) Bhoga offering: One of the deepest exchanges of love with anyone happens when we cook for that person. Out of love, devotees will cook more than 200 items for Sri Sri Gaur Nitai on this occasion, which will later be distributed as prasadam. And what more, you can cook too. Cook bhoga for the lord (following vaisnava guidelines) and offer it at temple.

7) Prasadam Distribution: Devotees keep fast till moonrise for this occasion which is followed by profuse prasadam distribution for everyone.

8) Community get-together: Entire community of devotees come together to celebrate Lord’s pastimes and perform various services together on such festivals. These festivals marked by sense of togetherness, family spirit, joy, service and magnanimity deeply satisfies and nourishes the soul – an experience not found elsewhere.

9) Launch of next edition of congregation newsletter: Congregation department will be launching their next edition of newsletter on this occasion.


4:30am – Mangal Aarti
7:30am – Guru Puja
8:00am – Darshan Aarti
8:15am – Class by : HH Bhakti Brhat Bhagavat Swami Maharaja
3:30pm – Procession
5:00pm – Abhishek
6:15pm – Cultural Programmes
7:00pm – Gaura Aarti
7:00pm – Prasadam

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