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About Us:

What kind of values would we want our children to inculcate in their lives? What would fan their curiosity? What kind of association would we want our children to have?

At Hare Krishna Sunday School, which operates at 6 different locations , every Sunday from 10am-12.30pm for more than 150 kids from age group 5-15yrs, we aim to provide carefully chosen knowledge, skills and values centered around spiritual teachings from vedic literature to our students,

The curriculum has been developed by the experts from the selected portions of Bhagvad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam and goes through each week with a different lesson plan.and encompass sloka memorization, art and craft activities, musical instruments, picnics, skits, etiquettes,etc  aimed at cultivating virtuous values.

We also support the parents of our students by organizing different workshops and individual counseling sessions for them.

Please find below the location of schools: