How many hats do I have to wear ?

//How many hats do I have to wear ?

How many hats do I have to wear ?

How many hats do I have to wear ?
How many roles do I have to play ?
Man, professional,Punjabi, North Indian
Son, brother , Indian citizen and human

Who am I ? Who am I ? Can anyone tell me who am I ?

This world seems like dramatic show .
With hats moving like a giant wheel show
As 84 lakh species evolve and grow
Making all confusion and the row

Who am I ? Who am I ? Can anyone tell me who am I ?

A devotee mercy ,Prabhupada’ s mercy
Brought me to Bhagvad Gita finally
Where I learnt as ‘new Devotee ‘
I am the soul not these identities

Soon I heard philosophy and memorized shloka
The favourite one being always spoken
sarvopādhi-vinirmuktaṁ tat-paratvena nirmalam
hṛṣīkeṇa hṛṣīkeśa- sevanaṁ bhaktir ucyate

I quoted this verse hundreds of time
As a ‘successful preacher’ and ‘writer’
As the days and nights passed over ….
I forgot the essence and remembered the cover

Soon I became successful ‘Manager’
The controlling spirit finally got me over
Temple President Brahmachary leader
Training my followers with charismatic talks increasing their numbers

Bhakti career map made me forget
The essential essence to absorb in heart
I went to Mother Ganges at last
To ask the haunting question at fast

Who am I ? Who am I ? Can anyone tell me who am I ?

There I saw this small boy in laps of Mother Ganges
Laughing and playing frolicking with exhilarating emotions
“ I am Krishna’s devotee ! I am Gauranga servant
Narsingh dev protects me !!! I am servant of servant”

O essence seeker ! Hear the answer to your haunting question
The emotions of servitude are most fulfilling emotion
The goal & path of devotion is not some Cheap renunciation
Popularity riches Distinction profit adoration

Get out of vicious trap of cheating types of religion
‘Official spirituality’ , ‘economic development’ , ‘ sense gratification’
And there comes the last snare of maya so called affection
Desire to practice process for only relief from frustration
Tussel of bhoga- tyaga is not Chaitanya mission
That we see as renouncement may be covered atheism
The shallow one will remain entangled in designation
Going deep in bhakti sindhu one finds pearls of devotion

O mother Ganges give me the mercy to swim across the real conclusions
Without becoming prey of crocodile of various attractive theories
Folding hands I offer heartfelt prayers to prince of navadvipa
By whose mercy even an ignorant child can grasp the Siddhanta

śrī-caitanya-prabhuṁ vande bālo ‘pi yad-anugrahāt
taren nānā-mata-grāha- vyāptaṁ siddhānta-sāgaram

This Child in ganges gave the answer to my haunting query
Dancing crying Nityanand – Advaita shout in ecstasy ….

muñi ye caitanya-dāsa āra nityānanda
dāsa-bhāva-sama nahe anyatra ānanda
Chaitanyera dasa mui Chaitanyera dasa
Chaitanyera dasa mui daseraanudas

Hats and roles are now crystal clear
Remember it with heart forever
Tandera Charan sevi Bhakta Sannivas
Janame Janame hoy ei abhilaas

Daiva Simha Das