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Hare Krishna

Announcing the launch of the updated version of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh app today on the occasion of Narsimha Chaturdashi.

Download the app from:

Playstore(Android user)

Appstore(iOS users)

Keeping intact our feelings for the Lord, having live darshans, keeping an update regarding temple programs at one place, the app provides all the benchmarks and is your powerful, trustworthy companion for nurturing the spiritual life.

You will find 20 different features with a lifetime of immersive devotional content in it.

Whether you are new to the ISKCON community or a long time devotee, we invite you to download the app today and discover all that it has to offer .

We hope that this app will become a valuable asset in your spiritual journey, and we look forward to connecting with you through the app.

We also invite you to leave a review online about your experience.