Kids’ Yoga Day

//Kids’ Yoga Day

Kids’ Yoga Day

Yoga literally means ‘link’ – A link or connection between a soul and the supreme soul, Sri Krsna. Colloquially Yoga is a term used to refer to only a portion of the Ashtanga Yoga system. Contemporary Yoga is to be used to pacify an agitated mind and strengthen the body. Both (mind & body) shall then be used in the highest form of Yoga – Bhakti Yoga (as prescribed in The Bhagavad Gita) to link ourselves up with the Lord.

To set an example of this science, the students of Hare Krishna Sunday School came together to organize and participate in the Yoga camp at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh on the International Yoga Day. Over 50 kids came and enthusiastically participated in the camp. By aligning the body and the mind, the kids prepared themselves to focus on their daily practices of devotional service.


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