Krishna and Krishna’s environment

//Krishna and Krishna’s environment

Krishna and Krishna’s environment

On the day of Janamashtami, amongst a couple of stalls was one such stall that made the onlookers question some very important issues of the world. Be it a group of teenagers, people on temple duty, guarding officers, rag pickers, kids from the nearby slum or families returning after having darshan of the deities. Everybody who came across this stall was intrigued by this big ball covered in all sorts of trash collected from the surroundings signifying our very own mother Earth.

The question asked to everyone who passed by was that what was their first thought on seeing this model?
We came across some wonderful and unique answers, mentioning how our beautiful mother Earth is unable to breathe under this huge chunk of trash. A kid named Ojas talked about how it was not only our mother Earth who was unable to breathe, but we as her inhabitants were also suffering from our very own grave actions.
Many children came forward and talked about several solutions and even practiced them forthwith like placing the trash from their surroundings in its rightful place.

A teenager expressed her distinctive views on how we should get rid of the intangible trash that is living in our minds like the negative feelings, jealousy for each other and how this Value Education Olympiad is helping build a strong character which puts light to the six major moral values namely Altruism, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Justice and Integrity. She mentioned how it would be easier for us all to get rid of this (pointing towards the trash on the model) concrete, tangible trash once we deal with the intangible trash residing in our hearts and minds that will eventually help fight the ecological crisis.


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