Krishna’s Form

//Krishna’s Form

Krishna’s Form

In the youngest age of Kaumara
when You only had a tooth or two
Your sweet broken words
bewitched mother Yasoda
impressed father Nanda too

In your chest was the tiger’s nail necklace
tilaka shined on Your bright forehead
Mother Yasoda’s marks of protection
like a new tamala-tree was Your complexion

With fatty little thighs when You tried to walk
naked, carrying in Your hand a butter ball
Yasoda gave a motherly gaze
loved you even more at this age.

“Your lotus-foot print is my whole world”
cries one gopi of Vrndavana
Goosebumps on her body shouts and utter
“Krsna, give me shelter at Your lotus feet,
give me refuge, give me shelter!”

Pallavee Arora