Research Paper Presentation at Oxford University

//Research Paper Presentation at Oxford University

Research Paper Presentation at Oxford University

On behalf of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh, Dr Suruchi Mittar presented a research paper on the topic of “How ethics taught by Bhagavad Gita can help school students fight climate change? Exploring the Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Fostering Environmental Consciousness Among School Students to Combat Climate Change” at Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies, London, on 18th July, 2023

In a global situation where religion is culturally and politically predominant for many, yet marginalised and diminishing for others, and where spirituality is frequently disengaged from institutional religion, the Symposium regularly explores the place of religion in contemporary society: the nature of belief, the place of ritual, the place of family, the significance of community, the balance between Faith (belief, doctrine, and creed) and Practice (ritual, sociology, ethics, politics).

This research contributes to understanding the role of faith-based organizations in shaping environmental consciousness among school students. By incorporating religious ethics into environmental education, we can inspire a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who actively contribute to sustainable practices and climate change mitigation efforts.

The presentation was greatly appreciated by 200 scholars that attended from different parts of the country.