I was very fortunate to have the association of Maharaj when I was in Murthal Bace in 2012, We were new and were amazed to see Maharaj enthusiasm to preach Krishna Consciousness.

  • He was very strict about every IYF devotee to wear Dhoti Kurti and put tilak in his class.
  • His lectures were very powerful and we had to listen with utmost attention as he used to ask questions in between.
  • He always used to take deities of Jagannath Baldeva Subhadra and Neil Madhav, everywhere he was going.
  • I had once got the chance to wash the clothes of Maharaj In Punjabi Bagh temple.
  • Once I was serving Prasadam to Maharaj in P. B Temple and the Sabji was not much hotter and he said ” can it could be much more hotter.”
  • And I said Yes….. It was really a nice experience.
    In his Room you can find the Big Altar of deities and laminations of Srila Prabhupada and 24H Chanting of Srila Prabhupada tape.
  • Once in 2015 I think, I got a very difficult seva to wake up Maharaj and to bring him down to his car outside the temple as his personal servant was out for some service. We had to go to Jagannath Rath Yatra.
  • I was not knowing how to wake up a Srila Prabhupada disciple while sleeping.
    So it was very difficult as Maharaj used to hear loud.

    I heard him once Chanting S.B verse while sleeping. He was 24 hours Krishna Conscious.

    Then I wake him up by chanting loudly many times ” Hare Krishna Maharaj” and then I brought him downstairs holding him.
    It was a nice experience.

    By the mercy of my mentor HG Vaikunth Chandra Prji and other devotees, I got the chance to serve Maharaj many times. And they are very memorable moments for me. I had the blessings of Maharaj.

    ~ Sailesh