Srivas Sankirtan Bhakt Vrinda Group

//Srivas Sankirtan Bhakt Vrinda Group

Srivas Sankirtan Bhakt Vrinda Group

Srivas Sankirtan Bhakt Vrinda is an initiative started by a group of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh devotees, performing sankirtan and book distribution every Sunday morning in different localities of Delhi since last 5 years. This was started way back in December 2016 with only a few devotees and the group has been growing since then. This year the group completed its 5 years and celebrated the occasion at Kurukshetra Dham.

Around 250 devotees left from delhi around 5am in buses for an exciting day trip to Kurukshetra. Leading sankirtan in the bus, the devotees reached dham early morning at jyotisar where lord krsna had spoken Bhagvat Gita to Arjun over 5,200 years ago. On reaching there was a small talk by HG Sunder Krsna Prabhu followed by their trademark ecstatic Kirtan. The devotees then took Darshans at bhismakund & bhrama sarovar. After taking darshans prashadam was organised for the devotees followed by a talk by HG Sakshi Gopal Prabhuji, president ISKCON Kurukshetra. Then the devotees performed a Drama based on Mahabharat. The celebration was concluded with cake cutting & ecstatic sankirtan at brahma sarovar.

On the way back the devotees were served dinner prashadam and at the end of the exciting day, all devotees prayed to Srila Prabhupada for his mercy so that they can spread this mission of Srila Prabhupada with more rigor & commitment by way of Yuga dharma Harinaam sankirtan.