Taking a moment to let go off stress (Feb 2021)

//Taking a moment to let go off stress (Feb 2021)

Taking a moment to let go off stress (Feb 2021)

Stress at work or in personal life can bog you down and debilitate you from doing any good to yourself or others. It is common in today’s world to get stressed. Our life becomes fast, when we woke up we start making us ready to go for the Job or Business or Shop. Many people think that to be happy, they need to become richer and thinner. By their wealth, they believe they can buy the things that will make them happy.

To explain the same more holistically ISKCON Rohini and ISKCON Punajbi Bagh took charge and brought in the finest aspects of handling stress, how to manage oneself with more self awareness and self management, gave tools of handling oneself in all situations, , especially for Policemen, who have been working overtime over last year or so and bravely fighting the COVID challenge. Three day workshop was conducted for Police Stations Punjabi bagh , Moti Nagar and Kirti Nagar on 1th , 18th and 19th feb 2021 by HG Murali Krishan Das and HG Keshav Murari Das


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