Tapping the great potential of children (Sep 2020)

//Tapping the great potential of children (Sep 2020)

Tapping the great potential of children (Sep 2020)

Despite covid19 pandemic pushing down the morale of people and locking them down around the world, Ankuram and Vasudevam Vaidik preschools have sprung up on their toes to unlock the world of consistent hope, collective creativity and endless learning by starting a series of free webinars on parenting and schooling- ‘Empowering parents and teachers in the changing scenario’.

Ankuram and Vasudevam Vaidik are preschools based in different areas of Delhi and they are imparting education based on Vedic culture and governed by the principles of ISKCON, founded by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad. Connecting parents with educational experts from India and around the world, Ankuram and Vasudevam Vaidik preschools are successfully presenting opportunity every week, to acquire valuable knowledge and new ideas based on traditional values. The interesting topics of the series have been chosen thoughtfully to engage children meaningfully at home- during lockdown and otherwise.

‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop’. The current sensitive times have posed numerous challenges for children- change in routine from school environment, separation from peers, lack of discipline and structure to mention a few. Keeping children occupied in constructive activities, therefore, becomes crucial in keeping them alert, happy and healthy. The webinars aim in facilitating the skills of care takers in engaging children meaningfully and helping them cope with these challeges.

Joining these sessions is easy- one can register through a phone call or email and the web link for Zoom meet will be shared with you soon. The face-to-face interaction with speakers allows viewers the opportunity to ask questions too. There is a live broadcast of all sessions on Facebook (/Ankuram Preschool) and YouTube (/Ankuram preschool Kirti Nagar) that can be viewed later at your own time.

The sessions began in July and are gaining popularity every week. The rising number of registrations, views and feedback from viewers proves it. When opportunity knocks, be ready to open the door and embrace it. We thereby encourage you to secure your spot by registering and avail the opportunity to enlighten yourself about parenting and teaching skills