Unmatched Seminar on Vedic Cosmology

//Unmatched Seminar on Vedic Cosmology

Unmatched Seminar on Vedic Cosmology

The ISKCON Youth Forum at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh organized a one-of-its kind unique seminar on Vedic cosmology on Thursday, May 25th. The seminar was organized specifically for students pursuing the field of science academically or professionally. The seminar was conducted by a veteran in the field of Vedic Cosmology – His Grace Pavanesvara Prabhu. Vedic Cosmology refers to the model of the outer space and beyond as explained in the Srimad Bhagavatam.

The speaker is a renowned expert on the topic and often speaks at seminars in the USA. After years of research in the field of Vedic Cosmology, HG Pavanesvara Prabhu developed a 3D working model of the Vedic Cosmos. The model uses gears to show planetary motion at different velocity and explain scientific phenomena like day and night, seasons, eclipses and relative motion of the planets. The attendees were delighted to have the association of such an eminent personality having the experience, caliber, knack and in-depth knowledge of the subject.


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