Value Education Olympiad (VEO) – Historical Developments

//Value Education Olympiad (VEO) – Historical Developments

Value Education Olympiad (VEO) – Historical Developments

After seeing the participation of 30,000 students from 20 different countries in VEO which was organized by ISKCON Punjabi Bagh in collabortion with Ministry of Environment, UN Environment Programme, the program for the first time in history of ISKCON has now collaborated with Directorate of Education. This means that program is now being organized for all Delhi government schools. There are total number of 2400 schools with 17 lakh students. More than 2 lakh students from class 5th to 12th are expected to participate in this program which introduces and cultivates 6 values that will make students sensitive towards environment.

Apart from above, the program also collaborated with ministry of Tribal affairs(Govt of India), through which 25,000 students of Eklavya schools participated for VEO. The program is totally free of cost for all students and involves massive operations and coordination to give students, teachers, principals and parents a positive, exciting learning experience.


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