Daily Chanting of 108 names of Krsna

//Daily Chanting of 108 names of Krsna

Daily Chanting of 108 names of Krsna

Fear and insecurity has plagued all communities and nations across the globe. In these unprecedented times, while ISKCON Punjabi Bagh didn't have the biological medicine to the virus, it certainly had the psychological and spiritual medicine ready within hours of the spread. This medicine is taken daily by all the devotees of temple.

It is a unique medicine – one dosage divided into 108 complete parts. Every morning, after the Bhagavatam class – devotees come together and chant 108 names of Krsna. Those at home join virtually and magnify its potency. A tested cure for the fear and insecurity residing in one's mind! The devotees can request special puja for their self and their families by sending a mail to iskconcares@gmail.com

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