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Utpanna Ekadashi 20th Nov 2022

The Bhavisyottara Purana describes the glories of Utpanna Ekadasi in a conversation between Sri Krsna and Arjuna. Sri Suta Gosvami addressed the assembly of Brahmanas thus: “If one hears with devotion and faith, the process and glories of executing Ekadasi as presribed by Sri Krishna, then happiness in this life and liberation in the next is assuredly granted.” Arjuna once asked Krsna, “O Janardana, please describe the fruits of fasting, eating at night or at midday only, on the Ekadasi day.” Lord Krishna replied, ” Oh Arjuna, in the early Autumn there is an Ekadasi that falls during the waning moon of Maghasirsha (November).