India’s first Online Value Education Olympiad

//India’s first Online Value Education Olympiad

India’s first Online Value Education Olympiad

“Value are like fingerprints. No one has the same set yet we leave them all over everything we do” – India’s first Online Value Education Olympiad (May 2020)

At ISKCON, we have always made an effort to talk about higher self and transcendence validated values over material aspirations. In a time where opinions change with new trends we have tried to breed a generation that stands by it’s ideas no matter how tempting it is to be otherwise.

To make sure that our children who are observing a drastic change in the society, who are experiencing anxiety, who are going through a lot in the name of new normal, we wish to give them support, support of our own scripture Bhagvad Gita.

We wish to reach each and every house where families are wondering about future, we wish to reach each house which is going through mental stress.

We have planned to reach out through our Value Education classes which will start from 30th May 2020 and will integrate with our Value Education program 2020

Last year we touched 6200 students and 22 schools with the help of many devotees. In a beautiful reciprocation we received all the blessings from Maharaj.

This time we wish to reach 15,000 children. However, this is a huge task which no one can accomplish alone.

We all have to come together as a community and pledge that we will make a better future for our next generation. We have to make sure that they learn to do the right thing evem when no one is watching. We can do this by inculcating right values in them through our own scripture Bhagvad Gita

Now, We need your support now to channelise this olympiad.

Let us all make it a movement of one generation coming together and taking a big step forward to brighten the future of the next. Not for any monetary gain but simply because it’s the right thing to do.

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