A two day youth program was organised on 5th and 6th July, for more than 60 students from 6 premier engineering colleges of India. The program was conducted by HG Chaitanya Charan Prabhu, on science and spirituality, karma and destiny and study of different religions. This session provided insights regarding how science and spirituality bring in an equilibirium and how both compliment each other.

The importance and relevance of scriptures was reiterated. Students were encouraged to develop a deep understanding of the scriptures, realise their importance, even question them but never negate their integrity in the name of modernity.

ISKCON Punjabi Bagh organized a grand Rath Yatra on 4th July, the day when Rath Yatra festival is celebrated in Jagannath Puri. It was a remarkable celebration, with Lord Jagannath, his brother Baladev and sister Subhadra maharani, were seated on a chariot and taken to the streets of Paschim Vihar, with hundreds of enthusiastic devotees dancing in front of the lordships, immersing everyone in the bliss of festivities.

Lord Jagannath is considered to be one of the most merciful forms of Lord Krishna as he himself walks out of his temple to give his darshans to everyone. The program also included beautiful abhishek of the deities, an ecstatic kirtan and was concluded with a enlightening lecture by HG Chaitanya Charan prabhu on the mood and spirit behind the rath yatra festival and a grand feast for all devotees.

Its a celebration when the purpose of devotees become one, when the devotees are determined to imbibe the leanings in to their lives and believe in execution.

This was the objective of Gundicha festival at ISKCON Punjabi bagh where more than 200 devotees got together from age group of 2 years to 70 years with only one mission which was to please the lord by integrating cleanliness in the temple. All the devotees were so committed, so integrated that everything was completed before time and still the enthusiasm was very high.

A Session conducted on 1st July in ISKCON Teenage forum (for girls) where the session was conceptualized keeping Titanic as a theme. The session dived deep in to sea, sea of spirituality, sea of values, sea of ethics. The session looked in to the concerns and problems created in Titanic by processes and people. A discussion on how to lead life when problems crop up in life and how one can be solution oriented and not loose hope. It was very interestingly connected to spirituality explaining how cultivation of mode of goodness is required for proper Maintenance of everything. It had a message for all who believe that man made creations are non destructible. This session also gave a big learning that even though we are not the controller of our Titanic which is our life but we must learn the skills of a good captain to handle the ship more mindfully. The girls really enjoyed the enlightening session.


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Iskcon Punjabi Bagh conducted a seminar by HG Hari Kirtan prabhu, Director, Rural development, ISKCON daivi Varnashrama Ministry. The seminar delineated what is wealth, 5 kinds of wealth(Dhan) – Gold (Swarna dhan), Land(Bhu dhan), Cow (Go dhan), Knowledge (Vidya dhan), Service (Sewa dhan), and the means to earn this wealth.

In addition, the best way to utilize wealth was also discussed. Most of the people in the world are engaged in the rat race for earning wealth. (Dhanam Mulam idam jagat), but most of them don’t know what is actually wealth, nor the proper means to earn wealth.

Recently, bhoomi poojan was done for Iskcon’s upcoming temple in Yamunanagar by HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj and Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar. The sankirtan devotees from Punjabi Bagh went to Adi Badri and Saraswati starting point also, which is 40 km above Yamunanagar to spread holy name and distribute spiritual books to awaken spiritual consciousness in the hearts of each one.

When life gives us in abundance, its important not just to appreciate it but also to share and let someone know we care. With this objective in mind, ISKCON Punjabi Bagh’s Communications Team – VANI team thought of including our elders to celebrate Father’s day by visiting an old age home, Sai Ashray in Nihal Vihar. The objective was to create awareness about importance of hari naam by doing kirtan and japa, distribute prasadam and distribute Bhagavad Gita to them. Many old age home residents shared their gratitude for conducting this program and requested the temple to conduct more such programs there.

Iskcon Punjabi Bagh organized a jagran programme on the night of Nirjala Ekadash on 13th June. The devotees turned up in big numbers and very enthusiastically participated in the program. The program included very interesting and engaging events like Quiz, Dumb Charades, Extempore, Discourse by HG Rukmini Krishna prabhu etc. The key highlight of the program was a talk by renowned international motivational speaker Dr.

Vivek Bindra (HG Venu Madhav pr) on how to practically put spirituality in action. The program was concluded with prasadam for all devotees. Also, there was special mango darshans for devotees on nirjala ekadashi day, with lordships being decorated with over 250 KG of mango which were distributed next day to devotees after the ekadashi jagran.

“Ganga ka Kinaara aur Bhakton ka sang” :

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“Ganga ka Kinaara aur Bhakton ka sang” : Reinforcing spiritual principles in Haridwar (5th – 10th June 2019)
The congregation of Iskcon Punjabi Bagh organized a trip to Haridwar from 5th June to 10th June. The yatra was attended by over 250 devotees and was led by Iskcon Punjabi Bagh Co-President HG Rukmini Krishna prabhu. The key highlights of the program were visit to holy places including Haridwar, Dev Prayag, Shukhtaal, Kankhal, nectarean discourses, dramas by congregation devotees and bathing in the Ganges. The trip was very spiritually enriching for the participants in the association of senior devotees.