Renovations at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh

22 May 2018, Posted by VANI Group in Renovations

The Srila Prabhupada building, an extension building of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh was renovated with its new classrooms, new front look, and increased space for its Brahmchari Ashram.

The administrative block at the temple has also been renovated with newly constructed offices for BHISMA, IYF, CONGREGATION and LIVE TELECAST Departments. A new gate to accommodate increasing number of visitors at every festival is also scheduled to be constructed before Janmashtami.

A new beautiful ISKCON temple is set to be opened at Bahadurgarh on 19th August (Sunday) which will see the installation of Their Lordships Sri Sri Madan Gopal and Sri Sri Gaur Nitai.

18th – Netra Unmilan Utsav
19th – Praan Pratishta and Temple Opening
20th – Boat Festival

The Project plans to include Brahmchari ashram to accommodate 50 brahmcharis, 16 room guest house, Govindas and Banquet Hall in future. Built by relentless efforts of HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja, HG Vedvyas Prabhu and HG Raaspriya Prabhu, the temple is mesmerizingly beautiful with its architecture, domes, beautiful paintings, flooring, and overall design.

Village Preaching

22 May 2018, Posted by VANI Group in Preaching

5-6 Village programs were organized in Bihar between 9th -16th May, at the native place of few devotees serving at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh which saw participation of more than 1000 devotees. There were Harinaam Sankirtan, Katha by HH Bhakti AshrayVaisnava Swami Mahraja, Prasadam Distribution and visit to holy places like Janakpur and Sitamarhi.

Villagers had such eagerness to hear Katha and chanting and dancing which is rare sight to behold in cities.

KC Grastha Ashram

22 May 2018, Posted by VANI Group in Lectures

KC Grastha Ashram organized for young couples on 20th May, Sunday by HG Harilila Prabhu & HG Divyalila Mataji (faculty, MIHE).HG Harilila Prabhuji is a disciple of HH Jayapataka Swami, Faculty member of Mayapur Institute.

He is known for his keen sense of analysis and practical presentation of philosophy in a manner relevant for day to day life. Also, he has rich experience in Management as a Member of Mayapur senior Management.

Other than the regular sastric courses, he and his wife HG Divyalila mataji teach the course “Krsna Conscious grhisthasrama” – a must attend for all householders, aspiring householders and Grastha counsellors.

Sad Dharma Prichha: Inquiring about Spiritual Truths

22 May 2018, Posted by VANI Group in Lectures

On 19th of May, session entitled ”Sad Dharma Prichha: Inquiring about Spiritual Truths “was organised be ISKCON YOUTH FORUM, Punjabi Bagh which was taken by HG KAMAL LOCHAN Prabhu (President,ISKCON, MIRA ROAD).

Gauranga Sabha & FTVT devotees asked many introspective & deep questions from various aspects of BHAKTI Shastras. Questions ranged from varieties of topic viz. Liberation , Weakness of heart , Chanting, Developing taste in Bhagwatam & many more such questions .

Question answer went for 2 hours . Kamal Lochan prabhu enthralled audience by his deep explanations on subject matter.

Narsimha Chaturdashi

01 May 2018, Posted by VANI Group in Festivals

There are ten primary incarnations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. And out of these incarnations many are too complex to understand from a human being’s perspective. There are times when people assume them to be mythical just because they are too difficult to understand. But our belief in these little pastimes ultimately cements our belief in Krishna. One such pastime took place thousands of years ago in a place called Ahobilam in southern India. This place was ruled by a demoniac king called Hiranyakashipu. He and his brother Hiranyaksha were the former gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu called Jaya and Vijaya, who were cursed by the four kumaras to become demons in their next lives. So, Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha caused menace where they went and the innocent subjects of the kings and the devotees of the Lord were always troubled.

On one such incident Hiranyaksha kidnapped mother earth and imprisoned her. Seeing the earth in such a state the Supreme Personality took a form of a boar and not only killed Hiranyaksha but saved Mother Earth by hauling her up on His tusks. This form of the Lord is called Lord Varahadeva. Watching his brother get defeated, Hiranyakashipu swore to get twice as atrocious towards the devotees of the Lord as he was before and satisfy his vengeance. But ironically a devotee of the Lord took birth as his son. He was known as Prahlada, a boy unlike his father, with a perspective of a pure devotee. Now since Hiranyakashipu had made up his mind to boycott anything related to the Lord and his devotees, things got really tough for him. Prahlada first started showing the symptoms of an anti-demon when he started going to school. The schools, back then, which were functioning under the government of Hiranyakashipu were trained to train children in the art of becoming a demon.

A demon in the sense, that a person who tries his best to stay away from anything slightly Krishna Conscious. Prahlada instead of going according to his teachers’ instructions would preach about the glories of the Supreme Lord. Hiranyakashipu tried his best to make the child stop these activities but failed to do so. Ultimately he couldn’t take it anymore and started using physical force. Prahlada was tortured but every time Hiranyakashipu tried something, The Supreme Lord would save him. Prahlada was pushed from a cliff, thrown in a pit full of snakes, thrown under the feet of mad elephants and even put in a pot full of boiling oil. When none of his strategies worked, Hiranyakashipu started taking desperate measures. His sister Holika was given the benediction of not getting burnt by fire. Prahlada was made to sit on her lap and then burnt. But by Krishna’s mercy Holika’s benediction was taken away and given to Prahlada.

Haranyakashipu was furious when he saw another sibling of his die in front of his eyes. He immediately took a club in his hand and with no mercy in his eyes decided to kill Prahlada with his own hands. But there was no fear in Prahlada’s eyes. Hiranyakashipu asked whether or not he feared death. Prahlada replied that Lord Vishnu was with him and that he believed He would come and save him. Hirankashipu, mad with rage asked Prahlada how could Lord Vishnu save him, for that He should be present there. But the reply that Prahlada gave increased Hiranyakashipu’s anxiety. He said that the Protector of the universe, Lord Vishnu is present everywhere. Haranyakashipu thinking it to be a hoax said that if He is everywhere then He should be in a pillar standing in the room. And then took the club and smashed the pillar. He moved on and tauntingly asked that if Lord Vishnu was present in the next pillar. And before he could smash the pillar, it exploded and a figure came out. It was a man but had a face of a lion. On His fingers, He had long sharp nails instead of normal ones and had a vicious look on His face. He was none other than the Supreme Lord incarnated as Lord Nrsimhadeva. Nrsimha means half lion and half man.

There is a significance of this form. Hiranyakashipu asked for a benediction from Lord Brahma to become immortal. Lord Brahma couldn’t give that benediction to him for even he wasn’t immortal. So instead Hiranyakashipu listed a few circumstances in which he shouldn’t be killed thinking that there was no other way of dying than the ones he was listing. But no one can fool the Supreme Lord. Hiranyakashipu asked not to be killed by any animal or a human being so Lord Vishnu took a form which was neither. Hiranyakashipu asked not to be killed by weapon hence the long sharp nails. He asked not to be killed during the day or night so the time when the Lord appeared was dusk. The Lord charged Hiranyakashipu with a club and they furiously fought with each other. Once the clubs broke off they started fighting with bare hands. The punches that landed on Hiranyakashipu made his defense weaker and weaker. When left in a weary condition Lord Nrsimhadeva took Hiranyakashipu in his lap and sat on the threshold of the room. Hiranyakashipu had also asked not to be killed inside or the outside of any place so his death was arriving at the threshold. He asked not to be killed on the ground or in the sky so he was about to die in the middle; on the lap of the Lord. Lord Nrsimhadeva without any delay ripped open Hiranyakashipu’s belly and took all the intestines out. Hiranyakashipu was officially dead but the angry form of the Lord still wasn’t calm. As Prahlada stood there watching what had happened took the initiative to calm him and as a great devotee was successful in doing so.

There are a lot of things we learn when hearing the narration of this incident. This incident can be seen from two perspectives. The perspective of Hiranyakashipu and the perspective of Prahlada Maharaja. Hiranyakashipu did not believe that there was a representation of the Supreme Lord in the pillar while Prahlada strongly believed in that fact. So in the end it is the belief that matters. There are people who believe there is no God while some are monotheists. There are some people who are open minded and believe everything they hear or see. But as people belonging to a society that is based on the Vedic scriptures we are supposed to believe in whatever the scriptures say. The scriptures present the pastimes of the Lord as historical incidents that really took place a long time ago and are eternally taking place but we do not have the divinity in our eyes to perceive it. But if we strongly believe like Prahlada Maharaja then someday maybe the Supreme Lord will break the pillar of false reality and reveal Himself to us.

Chandan Yatra

23 Apr 2018, Posted by VANI Group in Festivals

The 21 day festival of Chandan Yatra started on 18th April, with devotees thronging the temple to have a glimpse of special Darshan. To keep the Deities cool during time of scorching summer, devotees apply sandalwood paste (chandana) over Them. People of age groups participated in grinding chandan for the pleasure of Sri SriRadhaRadhikaraman, Sri Sri Krishna Balram and Sri Sri Jagannath Baldev and Saubhadra Maharani. This date also marks Akshay Tritya, the most auspicious date for any event to be conducted.

IYF Camp

23 Apr 2018, Posted by VANI Group in IYF

On last weekend 7th and 8th of April a camp was organised for 50 youth from IYF Punjabi Bagh. The name of the camp was Sadhu Sangha camp. Theme of camp was Teachings from the life of Ajamila. Students put up their different presentations on different case studies from the life of Ajamila. There were many other events also like Drama, Sankirtan at HarkiPaudi, Ganges bathing , scrumptious prasadam , night bhajan sandhya, visit to IIT ROORKEE BACE & many more . Overall experience of participants was enthralling & enlightening

Mahamilan 2018

23 Apr 2018, Posted by VANI Group in Festivals

The most awaited festival of togetherness for the congregation of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh, was held on 8th April 2018, at Natha Singh Vatika. The entire venue was loaded with enthusiasm and delight as the main theme of the show were games like tug of war, mohmaya, Krsna killing demons, way to goloka to name a few. The program started with kids Rath Yatra which set the mood of the whole event. The most cherished addon was the talent hunt show which showcased some of the choicest talent in the congregation. Overall, the joy and fun indeed made the whole event ‘festival of togetherness’.