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Janmashtami as a festival is to greet the Lord- greet Him, not only in our homes but also in our hearts. And what can be more blissful than actually performing Abhishek, and Arti of little Gopal. Offer your loving emotion of devotion to the lord of your heart. We, at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh, invite you all with your family and friends to book your Arti and Abhishek for Janmashtami 2023 festival.

Aarti and Abhishek will be performed in ISKCON Punjabi Bagh Temple, in the evening from 3-6 Sep,2023. You are thus requested to choose a date when you wish to perform your aarti/abhishek.


11000/-,  21000/-,  31000/-,   51000/-,  90000/-