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Embrace the spirit of devotion and joy as we gather to celebrate the most auspicious festival of Sri Krishna Janmashtami at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh. Krishna Kirtans, Krishna Prasadam, Krishna Performances, Krishna Darshans, Krishna Seva, everything about Krishna Janmashtami at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh is to celebrate Krishna’s appearance and to kindle our loving relationship with the most loving Lord Krishna.

This year, there are a variety of performances, activities and events by the entire community. Here is all the information about Janmashtami celebrations at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh.

The varieties of festivities shall be celebrated at two Venues.

Venue 1: ISKCON Punjabi Bagh Temple Campus

Venue 2: Punjabi Bagh Club Lawn Number 2

What’s happening at Venue 1: ISKCON Punjabi Bagh Temple Campus

1. Decorations: With meticulous care and devotion, the devotees adorn the temple in the traditional splendour of Janmashtami, a heartfelt invitation for Lord Krishna’s appearance, echoing the ambience of His spiritual abode and kindling a deep spiritual connection.

2. Darshans: As devotees gather in awe, new resplendent outfits adorn their Lordships, their divine elegance captivating all eyes and hearts, as Sri Radha Radhikaraman bestows their merciful darshans, a shower of blessings upon every devoted heart. Darshan timings: 4.30am-5am, 8am- midnight. Darshans will be open throughout the day, even during 1-4 pm.

3. Aarti: Aarti signifies the royal reception of Sri Krishna. There will be eight Aarti ceremonies at 4.30 am, 7.30 am, 8 am, 12.30 pm, 4.15 pm, 7 pm, 8.20 pm and 12 midnight

4. Abhishek: The royal public bathing ceremony of Sri Radha Radhikaraman shall begin at 10.30 pm. Maha Abhishek is a rare opportunity for the general public to directly witness the bathing ceremony of the Lord with several auspicious articles.

5. Bhoga Offering: Cooking for a person is one of the most profound expressions of love. Devotees will cook 501 different preparations as Bhoga for the Lord and offer with Bhakti.

6. Prasadam Distribution: As prasadam finds its way into hands and hearts, the spirit of Janmashtami flourishes, infusing each bite with the essence of Krishna’s blessings and devotion. Prasadam is distributed throughout the day on this occasion. As devotees keep fast on this occasion, prasadam that can be taken on fasting days is distributed.

7. Katha: The essence of the Krishna Janmashtami festival is hearing the divine pastimes and teachings of Lord Krishna in the company of all devotees. The festival class will be taken by senior devotees from 8 am-9.30 am on the first floor, Satsang Hall. The class shall be broadcasted on ISKCON Punjabi Bagh Youtube Channel as well.

8. Kirtans: It will be a continuous symphony of devotion as we honour Krishna Janmashtami with a 24-hour kirtan, where the holy names of Krishna shall be continually chanted.

9. Jhulan: The Jhulan ceremony on Janmashtami embracing Gopal Ji will be another opportunity to cultivate a heartfelt connection and tender care for Lord Krishna.

10. Stalls and Booths: The Janmashtami Festivals shall have several colourful booths offering varieties of Literature, Magazines, Devotional Paraphernalia, Registration counters for Seminars and Sessions, displaying various temple activities around the year.

What’s happening at Venue 2: Punjabi Bagh Club, Lawn Number 2

1. Janmashtami Laser Show for all hearts

Absorb and indulge your senses in this engrossing Laser show, at 9.00 pm onwards.  All we can say is that you would ask it to be continued.

2. Theatrical Performance: Out of the unlimited pastimes of the Lord, here is a short and yet jaw dropping drama performance by some of the most agile and expert actors from our community. If you really do not want to say ‘oh! I missed it ‘, then do remember to be seated by 8.00pm, ‘Ajanma ka Janma’ by Krishna Balaram group.

3. Bharatnatyam Dance Performance: 

If you wish to see poetry in motion with rhythmic movements and expressions with a spirit of absolute devotion, then do not forget to join us for this spectacular performance at 7.45pm. Topic is ‘The Baby Krishna’.

4. Dance Drama by young students of Hare Krishna Sunday School: Young minds with vibrant energy present their innovative offering to the Lord on this auspicious day which commences at 7pm

5. Krishna Akarshani Festival: Discover the magic of Janmashtami at ISKCON’s vibrant array of stalls, weaving together culture, games, and captivating displays.

6. Krishna Aswadanam: Satiate your taste buds with a wide variety of fasting dishes.

7. Kids Corner: A huge corner especially curated for kids to engage them in some funny yet challenging games. Looking forward to see you with your ‘baccha party’.

8. Prasadam Distribution: Krishna’s mercy. This mercy is distributed throughout the day to all visitors. For all those fasting, can take their plates 10.30pm onwards.

9. Moving Kirtans: Enchanting Palki kirtan will infuse the entire lawn and make an auspicious beginning to this festival. Starting from 5.30pm till 7.00pm.